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Welcome to SLT Remapping the UK’s Premier Remapping Company. At our premises, your home or your workplace, we can remap your vehicle to meet your needs and requirements using the latest in technology mapping equipment and software.

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You may think remapping and tuning is the preserve of upmarket performance cars, but many vehicles from a humble van to a high performance sports car can benefit from a specialist ECU remapping.

Whether you drive a new or older vehicle, performance car, city runabout or work van we have the expertise, experience and state of the art equipment to save you money at the pumps and boost your engine’s performance.

Whether at our Sheffield premises, at your home or workplace or elsewhere in the UK via our dealer network, we can provide a remap to suit your particular requirements. Perhaps your priority is improved fuel economy? If so we can remap your ECU accordingly. Likewise, if you want a more powerful and responsive drive we can help.

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