ECU Remapping

What is remapping?

Put simply, it’s a form of brain surgery for your vehicle designed to improve performance and economy. We at SLT in Sheffield have a wealth of experience in providing remaps for a variety of vehicle types. 

Even if a decade or two old, your vehicle will likely be fitted with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This ‘electronic brain’ controls various engine functions such as fuel mixture, ignition timing and turbo boost pressure (where fitted) to various pre-set parameters programmed into it at the factory.

One size fits all factory ECU settings

ECU RemappingThese ‘one size fits all’ factory settings are structured so the vehicles can meet a range of emission standards depending on where they’re sold, withstand extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures and variations in fuel quality amongst other variables. 

They also take into account a multitude of owners’ driving styles and their varying adherence to servicing and maintenance schedules.

Different factory ECU mapping also means different performances can be achieved from a small number of engine designs, so saving on development and production costs. 

For example, the same 1.0 three cylinder petrol engine is used by Ford in its Fiesta and Focus models in a variety of different power outputs and performance characteristic guises mostly due to varying ECU settings.

The tailor made option

This is all very well, but means your vehicle may not perform in exactly the way that matches your particular needs. The SLT ECU remapping service ensures your vehicle’s performance and economy is the best it can be for your specific requirements - it’s similar to having a suit tailor made as opposed to buying one ‘off the peg’. 

Whether you want to prioritise outright performance or fuel economy we can provide a remapping that precisely suits your needs.

Is remapping an involved process?

Not particularly; we simply plug our specialist diagnostic equipment into your vehicle’s ECU to find out how your vehicle is presently performing. These findings are analysed before we upload new software to your ECU with new settings parameters; in two hours or often less depending on make and model, your vehicle’s performance is transformed.

The software we load onto your ECU is created especially for your car based on your needs; it’s not an ‘off the shelf’ copy of software for your vehicle type. In short, we provide a true ‘bespoke’ service.

Remember, we can come to you so you can benefit from improved performance without having to take time out of your schedule, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Call to discuss how we can help.

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