Ford Transit Connect - 2016 > (3th gen) 1.5 TDCI - 100hp

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Ford Transit Connect - 2016 >  (3th gen) tuning review

Ford Courier 2019.
After paying another company the best part of £400 to have the DPF cleaned & be told it wasn't blocked & the van was still in limp home mode it took SLT remapping 3 minutes to check everything was clear & reset the warnings putting the van back on the road . He didn't even want to charge us as I think he felt sorry for us. A really good guy who helped us out I will definitely recommend him to anyone with DPF problems, if only I had known before we booked it in elsewhere.

- Robert Poulton from Sheffield 07/12/2023

Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 2.0 TFSi RS - 200hp

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Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 tuning review

Had a Stage 1 Mobile Remap done today, fantastic service. Explained to me that the car had previously been tuned poorly, bad file removed and a proper file uploaded. The car feels fantastic now compared to before although i didn't expect to notice much difference in drivabilty. Thank you ever so much for your service, i will definitely be recommending to anyone who asks.

- Kieran Frost from Barnsley 15/11/2023

Vauxhall/Opel Combo 2014 > 1.6 CDTI - 105hp

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Vauxhall/Opel Combo 2014 > tuning review

I took my car to Shaun at STL after he had been recommended to me.
Shaun was very honest , when he got my car in he found out it did not need the repair that it was originally quoted for.
He telephone me and told me that it would be £150.00 CHEAPER to me than he had quoted because the fault was not as bad as originally thought. How honest was that !!!
Because I am a female, a lot of garages try to rip me off, I would like to thank Shaun for his honesty and his workmanship excellent.
I would highly recommend Shaun.

- kAREN WILKINSON from sheffield 30/09/2023

Peugeot Expert - > 2016 1.6 HDi - 90hp

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Peugeot Expert -  > 2016  tuning review

Big shout out to slt who sorted my van this morning, van in limp mode due to failed additive tank pump, mapped it out and put a stage 1 map on and was done within the hour!! Had a qoute of another company just before a d said it would take 2 days and they would have to remove the ecu several times?? Van running perfect with absolutely minimal down time which is a must for me as van is for business use, thanks again, Jay

- Jay from Rotherham 15/03/2023

Vauxhall/Opel Astra J 09/2009 - 2015 2.0 CDTI - 165hp

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Vauxhall/Opel Astra J 09/2009 - 2015 tuning review

Took my Astra for a stage 1 remap which involved removing the ecu and doing it on the bench, After a test drive to see if I was happy with the map, I said that I couldn't tell much difference, The guys at SLT were excellent and went straight to the fault, identifying the turbo pressure converter was faulty and advised I got it changed, They even looked up the closest place to buy one, After changing the part it was like driving a different car, Smooth power through the revs and even the hunting on idle has been solved which it has done since i bought the car about 8 years ago, Massive thank you for the extra diagnostic and an Awesome remap, I will defiantly recommend you

- Dave from Rotherham 21/07/2022

BMW 1 Series F20 - 2011 > 116i - 136hp

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BMW 1 Series F20 - 2011 > tuning review

I took my bmw in for a remap today and it turned out the previous owner had already had a remap which was poor slt at Sheffield sorted it out and its made a huge difference very happy now …thanks to the slt Sheffield

- Steven methley from Barnsley 24/05/2022

Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2009 > 2013 250 CDI - 204hp

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Mercedes E-Class - W212 - 2009 > 2013 tuning review

just visited Shaun for re mapping of merc, superb job, like
a new car, thanks a lot Shaun great work.

- Valentine from sheffield 05/04/2022

Skoda Yeti 2009 - 2013 2.0 TDi - 140hp

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Skoda Yeti 2009 - 2013 tuning review

I recently got my yeti and I wasn’t overly impressed with its performance. I’d taken my Ford transit to SLT in Sheffield a few years ago and I was really happy with the results so I booked the yeti in. It turned out the yeti had a underlying problem which the chap (sorry don’t know name) put a lot of effort in to resolving and then with the remap the results are amazing, it’s like a totally different car. Thank you for doing what you did, it’s perfect now.

- Ger from Sheffield 02/09/2021

Jaguar XF 2007 - 2015 3.0D - 275hp

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Jaguar XF  2007 - 2015 tuning review

Shaun did a great job on my Jag. Car drives silky smooth and goes like a rocket ship. Really pleased with what he has done to fix my restricted performance problem. I would highly recommend him to anybody. Professional and trustworthy can't say fairer than that

- John Dolan from Wortley 04/08/2021

Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro > 2014 2.0 CDTI - 115hp

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Vauxhall/Opel Vivaro > 2014 tuning review

Taken my 07 Vauxhall vivaro to slt remaping dianostics ltd after another company did a rubbish job.
Iam glad to say shaun at slt as done a excellent job of sorting it out
Highly recommend

- Andrew barnett from Sheffield 02/08/2021
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