Volkswagen Golf VII 2012 > 2017 2.0 TDI CR - 150hp

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Volkswagen Golf VII 2012 > 2017 tuning review

I'd been thinking about getting the car remapped for a while and finally took the plunge this week. I wish I'd done it sooner now.

The guys were very friendly and down to earth. They asked a few questions about the car's background and service history to make sure there weren't going to be any obvious problems.

They gave me a call about 15 minutes from when it was ready so I could pick it up as soon as I wanted.

The improvements are amazing. The car is much more responsive with power delivery much smoother then before. The one thing I didn't expect is that 'sport' mode is now more economical that the previous 'eco' mode with similar driving style.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this firm to anyone wanting to get more form their car.

Great job guys and thank you for putting a big grin on my face every time I drive the car!

- Steve from Sheffield 18/07/2019

Volkswagen Golf V 2003 - 2008 2.0 TFSI GTI - 200hp

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Volkswagen Golf V 2003 - 2008 tuning review

Can honestly say your in the best hands my car already had a map which was a terrible map dropping power after 3000rpm now car feels a totally different car all the bumps and jerks gone and had a dsg stage 2 which has made the gear changes extremely fast highly recommended defiantly know they’re cars and great mapping!

- Ali from Sheffield 19/05/2019

BMW 1 Series E87 - 2007 > 2011 116i - 122hp

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BMW 1 Series E87 - 2007 > 2011 tuning review

Looked around for quite a while for the right remap/company. Knew this was the best one on paper for my car but you never know until you bite the bullet as they say. All I can say is I'm really really pleased with the results !!! The car drives like new and is much more responsive with more pull in all gears . GONE are those annoying flat spots lol. The service was friendly, fast and a great price!!!!! Cheers Shaun 👍

- Scott from Rotherham 18/05/2019

Seat Altea XL 2004 > 2.0 TDi - 170hp

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Seat Altea XL 2004 > tuning review

Very well recomended the improvement on the engine is so much better and soooo smooth a great job done
Top service and great guy cheers

- Dennis from Worksop 17/05/2019

Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 2.0 TDi CR - 170hp

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Skoda Octavia 2004 - 2012 tuning review

Have had other cars Remapped elsewhere before . Read reviews on the web then called in at SLT for a chat with Shaun , amiable & certainly knows his stuff , decided to opt for having the car on the the Dyno Rolling Road and this showed it had been mapped before but very peaky & over fuelling . No pressure from Shaun but I asked him to to put his Remap on the car , now pulls smoothly and stronger for longer . Will be taking the wife's car there too . Recommended

- Gary W from Sheffield 21/03/2019

BMW 6 Series F12/F13 - 2011 > 640d - 313hp

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BMW 6 Series F12/F13 - 2011 > tuning review

Took my BMW 640d here for a stage 1 remap. What a transformation to an already good car. I now have a lot more power with a far smoother delivery. Feels like a totally different car. I will definitely recommend having your car remapped here, a friendly and very knowledgeable guy.

- Mark from Sheffield 21/01/2019

BMW 5 Series E60 - 2003 > 520d - 163hp

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BMW 5 Series E60 - 2003 > tuning review

Did my research and dropped in at SLT, was given an appointment the very next morning first off. Talked me through it all prior and checked for any faults or issues prior to mapping. To my suprise I was told the car had a map already installed by another company which was eating fuel. SLT straight away got rid of this and did a proper job. Car is transformed, smoother to drive, punchier and the fuel economy is brilliant now. Thanks again from one happy customer.

- Adam from Rotherham 24/03/2018

BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 325d - 197hp

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BMW 3 Series E90 - 2005 > 2010 tuning review

Was recommended by a neighbour and wasn't let down. Excellent advice given by Shaun and car now working a treat. Fully recommend

- Richard from Sheffield 23/03/2018

Skoda Superb 2008 - 2015 2.0 CR TDi - 140hp

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Skoda Superb 2008 - 2015 tuning review

Took my Skoda Superb to SLT as wasn’t totally happy since dealer carried out emissions update. The improvement in performance was immediately noticeable with more power but also how smooth it comes through. Fast efficient friendly service and a good guy to boot 😀. One very happy customer!

- Derek Renshaw‎ from sheffield 05/11/2017

Ford Mondeo - 2004 > 2010 2.0 TDCi - 163hp

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Ford Mondeo - 2004 > 2010 tuning review

I contacted SLT Remapping and Diagnostic LTD to see about a stage 1 ECU remap. I read up about it but was a little skeptical as I was always taught, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

After a long think, I decided to take the plunge. Mark came out to my place of work and was done in no more than an hour. I took it for a quick spin and the difference was immediately obvious. The throttle response became sharp and meaningful, the low down torque that you get from a Diesel engine seemed to be spread across the rev range and the power was significantly improved. The car even sounds better and more refined. I'll not get bored of the extra 40+ BHP and definitely not the 80NM of torque. 10/10. Would 100% recommend their services.

A very, very happy customer.

- Lee from Sheffield 18/08/2017

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