Vehicle Diagnostics

Save on main dealer costs with the SLT Vehicle Diagnostics service

If a warning light illuminates on your dashboard and you report it to your main dealer, you’ll likely grimace when they say “we’ll plug it into our diagnostics machine” knowing you’re about to face a hefty bill.

It could cost at least £60 just for the dealer to diagnose the problem before they even start actually repairing it. Call us instead and save money. 

No need to pay main dealer rates 

Vehicle diagnosticsIf you bring your vehicle to SLT in Sheffield, we charge a maximum of £30 to ‘plug your car in’ and diagnose a problem regardless of the make and model.

Don’t worry about our expertise on your vehicle compared to the main dealer; we’ve got the equipment, know how and experience to be able to diagnose problems, re-program, re-code and re-configure to the same standard as your main dealer at a fraction of their charges.

For example, re-coding keys can not only be a nuisance but an expensive one if done at a main dealer; ask us to help and save money.

We provide a wide range of fault finding and re-programming services so you need never pay main dealer rates whatever warning light illuminates on your dashboard.

Fault finding services

  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • Airbag 
  • BCU (body Control Unit)
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Programme)
  • Engine management 
  • Traction control 

Ask us about our full health check for your vehicle’s entire electronic system; we provide a printed report for you. 

Re-programs, re-codes and re-configurations

  • CIM (Column Integrated Module) re-programming
  • DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) re-programming
  • Diesel pump re-configurations
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) re-programming
  • Fuel injector re-coding
  • Immobiliser re-coding
  • Instrument cluster re-programming
  • Key re-coding 

Call today to see how we can help you save money.

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