Terraclean Decarboniser

Terraclean Diesel Decarbonising

TerracleanAfter a while even well maintained engines can become clogged with carbon deposits; it’s an inevitable consequence of the combustion process in your engine where fuel is burnt at high temperatures to keep you moving.

Carbon build up eventually affects the efficiency and thus performance and fuel economy of your engine. With the SLT Terraclean, you could benefit from improved fuel economy of up to 15% and extended life of certain components such as the fuel pump.

We offer a Terraclean Decarboniser clean for both petrol and diesel engines.

How the SLT decarbonising service helps your engine

  • Fuel injectors - Terraclean removes the ‘varnish’ and carbon build ups to restore an efficient spray pattern for ultimate fuel metering 
  • Catalytic converter - removing the carbon deposits helps extend the life of this expensive to replace component
  • Oxygen sensors - cleaning and extending the life of oxygen sensors helps improve fuel economy and performance while reducing the risk of failure and expensive replacement of engine components
  • Combustion chamber - clearing carbon deposits can reduce the severity of combustion required so saving fuel and improving drivability

Keyhole surgery for your vehicle 

Advanced equipment and specially formulated chemicals are used without having to take your vehicle’s engine apart; it’s similar to keyhole surgery. 

In effect, our cleaning machine takes over as the vehicle’s fuel tank and pump; it circulates the cleaning chemicals around the engine to decarbonise and remove tars and varnishes from the above components along with the valves and manifolds.

Give your engine a new lease of life and enjoy improved performance and economy with the SLT Terraclean Decarboniser. Ask for a quote today.

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